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 (if this is a new member, make sure you mail your Michigan BASS Nation Dues to the Michigan Membership Director shown below, with this form, DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW MEMBER ON LINE!!)

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(a) Submitting this form on the M.B.N. Website will only ensure the information is updated at the Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation level. 
See the information below to submit at the National B.A.S.S. level.

1. Submit a copy to your Club's Membership Person
     (PRINT the form to submit)
2. Submit to the B.A.S.S Nation** 3. Submit to the Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation*
A) Mail To:  (PRINT the form to submit, when adding a member)
          B.A.S.S. Nation
          Federation Membership Department
          3500 Bluelake Drive
          Suite 330
          Birmingham, AL 35243
A) Mail To:  (PRINT the form to submit)

Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation
Membership Director Jason Hurst
1700 Teggerdine Road  

White Lake,
 MI 48386

B) You may submit an update via the Web Site at:
          B.A.S.S. Member Services
B) You may Submit an information change via the Web Site using this form (at
C) Fax To:  (PRINT the form to submit when you are only changing information)
Any questions can be directed to BASS at 1-877-BASS USA

Any questions may be directed to Jason Hurst at MBN at 248 909-5750 or email at

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**NOTE: Your Club Membership Person may do this for you, check with them before submitting. Form Revision Date1-27-12